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12 Days Hiking Tour

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  • Vacation Style Adult Group
  • Activity Level Quite Tough
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  1. Yerevan –– Matenadaran Museum –City Tour- Genocide Monument

  2. Geghard – Garni – Azat River Canyon – Khosrov Natural Reserve – Havuts Tar -Yerevan

    Trekking distance 8 km Altitude Garni temple- 1400m Azat River Canyon 1250 m Havuts tar monastery 1590 m Driving distance 65 km

  3. Yerevan – Noravank – Spitakavor – Gladzor – Vernashen – Proshaberd Citadel – Hermon

    Trekking distance 14 km Altitude Vernashen village 1529m Spitakavor 2180 m Proshaberd Citadel 2380 m Driving distance 140 km

  4. Smbataberd – Yeghegis River – Tsaghats Kar – Shatin Obersation Point – Hermon

    Trekking distance 13 km Altitude Yeghegis is 1532m Smbataberd is 1950m Tsaghatsqar is 2078m Driving distance 15 km

  5. Hermon –Ltcen Village- Tatev

    Hiking distance 15 km Altitude Tatev Monastery 1565 m Devil’s bridge 1026 m Driving distance 160 km

  6. Goris –– Selim Pass – Caravanserei – Vardenis – Noraduz –Lake Sevan – Sevanavank – Sevan

    Driving distance 220 km

  7. Dilijan- Lake Parz – Dilijan National Park – Goshavank – Lake Gosh

    Hiking distance 14 km Altitude Parz (Crystal) Lake 1344 m Goshavank Monastery 1232 m Lake Gosh 1423 m Driving distance 30 km

  8. Yenokavan – Gomer – Lastiver Forests – Yenokavan

    Hiking distance 6 km Altitude Yenokavan 1365 m Lastiver 1130 m Driving distance 50 km

  9. Dilijan – Sanahin – Haghpat – Kayan Fortress – Yerevan

    Hiking distance 7 km Altitude Sanahin Monastery 1023m Hakhpat Canyon 788 m Haghpat Monastery 1000 m Driving distance 230 km

  10. Yerevan – Aragats – Kari Lich (Stone Lake) – Yerevan Mt. Aragats

    Trekking distance 14 km Altitude Kari Lich (Stone Lake) 3200 m South summit 3879 m western summit (4,080m) Driving distance 90 km

  11. Yerevan

    Today is a rest day for a chance to further explore Yerevan.

  12. Day 12

    Transfer to Yerevan-Zvartnots airport.

Gevorg Gasparyan

Gevorg Gasparyan


Important notes:

1.           please be tolerant to the fact, that depending on weather forecasts, the sequence of routes may be changed or totally removed from the program: being replacing by another route to ensure program efficiency;

2.           during hiking routes, lunch breaks will be held in field conditions by pre-prepared food packages;

3.           guides always have first aid modern box and radio-connectivity;

4.           in the process of routes’ development, securing safety was taken into account, according to which the main part of the trails are accessible for off-road vehicles and in case of any necessity it is possible to arrange evacuation of participants;

5.           participants should have their own hiking boot, hiking stick, hat, sunscreen, glasses, Geretex jacket.

6.           Season- April-October (please not that from April to  May Aragats mount climb is not required for tourists. In this case Aragats climb will be changed by another mount, depending on a group request.) In June its mostly covered by snow. Participants should have waterproof boots, gaiters, windstoper jacket, hat, gloves, sun glasses, sun cream.

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