11 Days Biking Tour , Arevi
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11 Days Biking Tour

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. We are able to give you the best biking memories around Armenia, you just need to join us.


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All about 11 Days Biking Tour

Important notes:

1. Please be tolerant to the fact, that depending on weather forecasts, the sequence of routes may be changed or totally removed from the program: being replacing by another route to ensure program efficiency;

2. In the process of routes’ development, securing safety was taken into account, according to which the main part of the trails are accessible for off-road vehicles and in case of any necessity it is possible to arrange evacuation of participants;

Whats included in this tour

- Guide services (1 English speaking bicycle touring guide)

- Overnights in Hotels, B&B

- Transportation service of bikes

- Entrances

- Dinners, lunches

- Bike rental (MTB)

             The price does not include.

             -Air ticket

             -Travel insurance

Participants should have their own hat, sunscreen, glasses.

  1. Day 1 Yerevan

    Arrival early morning and transfer to Hotel. Rest in Hotel. Breakfast at 10:00 am. The excursion starts at 11:00am with visit to Matenadaran Museum, which houses a unique collection of ancient manuscripts covering such lofty topics as philosophy, law, mathematics, medicine and geography,. After lunch Tour in the City. Conclude the day with a visit to the Genocide Monument and Museum. Lunch/Dinner, overnight in Yerevan.

  2. Day 2 Yerevan – Byurakan – Amberd - Bjni

    Leaving for Amberd fortress (Fortress of clouds VII- XIIIcc.) located on the North-Western part from Byurakan, at 2,300 m above sea level, on a high triangle cliff which is formed by rivers Amberd and Arkashen. Biking to Saghmosavanq Monastery. Continue biking to Kotayk region via Eghvard road. Transfer to Bjni village. The route follows a partially paved road, with little traffic. Attractions along the route: Amberd fortress, Armenian alphabets, Saghmosavank monastery, Hovhhanavanq monastery. Dinner/overnight in Bjni in campsite or at the guesthouse. Biking distance-50 km Biking off road-10 km Altitide change Amberd fortress-2300m Saghmosavank monastery- 1600m Bjni-1500m Elevation gain/loss 1362m/-2051m Maximum slope 19.6%/ -27.3% Average slope 4%/ -4.8% Pick up is always possible.

  3. Day 3 Bjni -Sevan- Sevanavank Monastery- Dilijan

    Biking distance-60 km Biking off road-0 km Altitide change Bjni-1500m Lake Sevan 1900m. Elevation gain/loss 869m/-1570m Maximum slope 33.2%/ -42.5% Average slope 3%/ -4.1% Pick up is always possible.

  4. Day 4 Gosh- Chambarak-Shorja-

    Long biking day: Biking from Dilijan to Goshavank Monastery where the great scholar of the 13th century Mkhitar Gosh is buried. Continue from Gosh village to village Aghavnavanq, then we reach to Chambarak city and after passing the mountain gap to Sevan pond. Biking road ends in Shorja. From Shorja participants will be transferred Tsapatagh hotel. Biking distance-70 km Biking off road-0 km Altitide change Dilijan 1300m Gosh village-1350 Highest point on the road 2200m Shorja village- 1900m. Elevation gain/loss 3980m/-3292m Maximum slope 43.6%/ -37.4% Average slope 7.8%/ -7.9% Pick up is always possible.

  5. Day 5 Tcapatagh-Vardenis Martuni-Yeghegis

    The road continues to Sevan lake, passes Vardenis city and we reach Martuni city (65km). As the road after Martuni starts to go down to Vardenyanc mountain gap, we may continue our way by bike and reach Shatin village, if the participants want. From Shatin we will transfer to Yeghegis hotel. Or the participants will be transferred from Martuni to the hotel by bus and will visit a medieval caravanserai. Overnight in Yeghegis- Arevi Hotel Biking distance-65km Biking off road-25 km Altitide change Sevan lake area- 1900 Martuni city-2000 Elevation gain/loss 803m/-777m Maximum slope 24.9%/ -10.9% Average slope 1.7%/ -2.3% Pick up is always possible.

  6. Day 6 Yeghegis-Gokhtanik-Herher-Sisian

    The road goes along mountains of Vayoc Dzor and Vardenis. On the way you can see Vayoc Sar volcano and Herher water reservoir. Transfer to Sisian. Overnight in Basen hotel. Biking distance-40 km Biking off road-10 km Altitude Hermon -1700 m highest point on the road 2200m Pickup point - 1300 m Elevation gain/loss 960m/-1332m Maximum slope 21.5%/ -38.8% Average slope 5.8%/ -5% Pick up is always possible.

  7. Day 7 Sisian- Harjis-Tatev

    Biking to Harjis. Village located 25 km from Sisian. On the way visit Caravansary (13-th century). From Harjis biking to Halidzor village. Biking will end in Halidzor Ropeway station. After participants will visit Tatev monastery using the longest Ropeway in the world. Overnight stay will be in Halidzor. Biking distance-35 km Biking off road-10 km Altitude Sisian -1600 m highest point on the road 1850 Halidzor - 1400 m Elevation gain/loss 945m/-1013m Maximum slope 28.4%/ -25.1% Average slope 5.4%/ -4.7% Pick up is always possible.

  8. Day 8 Halidzor-Shinuhayr-Goris

    From Tatev the road will continue to Devils bridge in Vorotan canion. After visitning area biking to old village of Shinuhayr. After visiting monastery and medieval seminary biking to Goris by Qoli Jamba old road. Optional - Visit Khndzoresk cave village in the end of the day. Overnight stay in Goris. Biking distance-30 km Biking off road-10 km Altitude Sisian -1400 m Halidzor - 1300 m Elevation gain/loss 647m/-716m Maximum slope 17.2%/ -33.8% Average slope 5.7%/ -6.8% Pick up is always possible.

  9. Day 9 Goris- Noravank - Khor Virap - Yerevan (transfer 250 km for cultural excursions)

    The day begins with a transfer to Yerevan, on the way the participant will have an excursion to Khor Virap (Deep Dungeon), at the foot of the Biblical Mount Ararat (5165 m). In this dungeon, Gregory the Illuminator (the future head of the Armenian Apostolic Church) languished for 13 years in imprisonment. The monastery is located a few hundred meters from the Armenia/Turkey border, on the banks of the Araks River. From the monastery you can enjoy a panoramic view of the majestic Mount Ararat. Then we are going to Cascade(Yerevan). There are located Cascade Contemporary Art Museum and Cafesjian Center for the Arts. You will also visit the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, named after Mashtots - Matenadaran. The museum is a repository of ancient manuscripts. Overnight at the hotel.

  10. Day 10 Yerevan-Garni-Geghard

    Biking to Geghard. Visit to the cave Monastery Geghard. The name “Geghard” derives from the relics of the Armenian Apostolic church: the spear that one of the Roman guards had used to pierce the rib of crucified Christ. After lunch visit Garni Pagan Temple, built for the God of the Sun in the 1st century. Soon after Armenia adopted Christianity, the temple became the summer residence of Armenian royalty. After biking in the gorge transfer to Yerevan. Biking distance-65 km Biking off road-5 km Altitude Start from Yerevan -1300 m highest point on the road 1750 Garni - 1400 m Geghard-1800m Azat River Canyon 1250 m Elevation gain/loss 942m/-1402m Maximum slope 20.9%/ -25.9% Average slope 5.5%/ -6.3%

  11. Day 11 Yerevan

    Free day in Yerevan. Departure.

Aharon Khachatryan

Aharon Khachatryan


Participants should have their own hat, sunscreen, glasses.

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