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120 Mt Ararat summiteers so far
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4-6 groups every year
Climb Mount Ararat (5165m.)
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Azhdahak 3597m.

Azhdahak 1 day

Azhdahak 2 days

Azhdahak 3 days

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Fined your ski tour in Armenia

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Mountains are not conquered, they accept us.
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...the organized climb is a priority.
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The Golden Quartet of Armenian Highland

Aragats 4090m

27 Sep 2015
Aragats 1 Day – Northern Summit 4090m Tour duration:  10 – 12 hours, Tour length: 20 – 22 km, Fluctuation of altitudes: 3207 – 4090m, The best...
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Sis 3925m.

26 Jun 2015 - 28 Jun 2015
  Duration:  10 – 12 hours, Length: 20 – 22 km, Fluctuation of altitudes: 2400 – 3925m, The best period: from July to September Day 1 The...
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Sipan 4058m.

12 Sep 2015 - 14 Sep 2015
Duration:  11 – 12 hours, Length: 17 km, Fluctuation of altitudes: 2500 – 4058m, The best period: from July to September. Day 1 The group will...
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Ararat 5165m.

01 Aug 2015 - 07 Aug 2015
In August 2015, “Arevi” Travel Company will organize climbing tour to the Biblical Mount Ararat. The duration of the tour is 7 days and 6 nights....
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Unique Trails

Cave Syunik

Duration: 2 days, Length: 19 km, Altitude variation: 1400-1100m. Hiking length 7 km; 4-5 hours. Unique and meaningful hiking lovers can discover...
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Climbing mt. Khachkar 3937m

Մանրամասները շուտով
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Climbing Mt. Kazbek 5047m

01 Aug 2015 - 05 Aug 2015
Tour duration – 5 days, 4 nights; Hiking distance is – 45km; Altitude change- 2200-5047m; Mountaineering complexity – 2A; Tour participants...
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Akori- Gomshut-Tcarakar monastery

The tour includes a number of monasteries, old settlements of historic Armenia, which are out of travel routes and inaccessible for microbuses....
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Hiking On Geghama Mountings

Azhdahak (3597m) 1 day

At present, Azhdahak, is the highest point of the longest Geghama Mountain ranges of Armenia. There is the lake in the crater of volcano...
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Mt. Azhdahak (3597 m) 2 day

Duration` 2 day; Altitude fluctuation` 2400-3597m; Hiking distance` 35km; Seasons`July-September. Day 1: From Sevaberd village to Akna Lake –...
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Mt. Azhdahak (3597 m) 3 day

Duration` 3 day, Length` 46 km, Altitude fluctuation` 2400-3597m, Seasons` June-September. Day 1: From Tsaghkashen to Akna Lake (14km), Hiking...
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Mt. Azhdahak (3597m) 5 day

Duration – 5 day, Length – 62 km, Height variation – 2300-3597-1350m., the best period – July- September. Day 1 – The distance from...
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Trek Higher Than You Ever Been!

Hi there, my name is Gevorg Gasparyan.

I started hiking from 2003. Since 2007, I worked as a guide for classic tours. Now, I involved only in mountain and hiking destinations. In the list of the climbs, there are already scheduled Mounts Ararat, Sis, Sipan, Aragats, Damavand, Kazbek. You are welcome to join as well.